Nice Boutique Hotel in Miami Beach

Okay bye-bye New York article Miami and as there is 10:30 be late Russia, guess what, just fine and no…

All right so this is it we are in Miami Beach and this is the mid beach area where we have taken up the property so if you go towards my right side keep on walking go on the north beach side on the left keep on walking you go to as a South Beach that is where all the action is that is there all the body and the ocean drivers which we’ll see later but normally on a typical we log what I do is that I start with a traditional or I would say it’s like a ritual that I give you kind of a room tour but I’m gonna do it differently this time so I’m going to walk from my beach from this Beach towards the hotel and rather than going from the inside of the room and showing you the outside of the hotel we will walk from the outside show you the outside of the hotel and then probably coincide show the room and go to the rooftop and see how the view is from there so okay so the property which I chose in Miami it’s called Hotel Croydon and it’s part of the South Beach group of hotels it’s not actually on the beach and it’s on the second row which is not very far I’m going to keep on walking and you’ll see that we probably just take two minutes to reach the property all right so once you’ve crossed the beach area it’s like a small road warm which we just anything.

So this one goes to the South Beach and then of course this one goes to Norfolk it’s a nice broad walk for a nice evening stroll you can come for long walks maybe had a bike to skateboarding I’ll do some I mean other kind of scooters is they have now so looks like fun over here if you see that white building after this one over there that’s the hotel so that’s not very far it’s like about it’s not even a two minutes walk actually I think it’s just less than a minute walk if you just walk straight from the meet so let’s go and see the hotel from the outside and see how it looks well also I wanted to tell you that this is a nice four star property which is like a boutique hotel so it’s not all like those premium properties which I mean making the logs on earlier but the reason to choose this was that I mean again we did not wanted to do this like a lavish holiday this was under a budget we wanted to keep it under certain kind of budget so I chose this property over that and I think I got a good deal I paid about five hundred dollars for four nights and the breakfast was not included but that’s alright you have shops around cafeterias where you can go and grab something outside but and the hotel also offers you a 24 by 7 kind of a restaurant which I think closes only for one hour in the morning at 7 to 8 just fine so I mean the food was not really a problem so I let go of the breakfast because I was getting slightly more better deal that I mean just saving some few bucks here and there all right.

So that’s the hotel this is kind of a second role the main avenue is called Collins Avenue and yeah it’s fun you’re probably not able to see that from here I’ll just cross the road and show it to you and this is probably the 38th Street where we’re staying so I’ll just cross the road a lot of traffic coming you can be doing that I have to jump all right let’s call it W yes this is the 38th Street I will enter from the main reception area show you the pool quickly and the restaurant which they have I will not go from the inside I’ll just show it from the outside because I don’t want to just serve people having lunch so let’s go from the main entrance which is right you be outside of the reception area and the pool area and the restaurants on the outside then we’ll take it up from there to the room and see how the room looks from inside and that should not take this long let’s go.

That’s really des promise from the inside and go on outside and show it to you from there and this poll that’s a little nice pool which is been not very big but quite convenient it’s pretty decent nicely done let’s walk to the restaurant.

That’s the key the room number is 411 yeah that’s the one there you go first look all right so this is a standard room and probably must have liked us so they gave us like two queen-size beds which are pretty decent size one and two you have some lamps over there for reading on lamp up okay so now I mean quite standard room we have them and we have a minibar but they have locked it because and they have some classes over here I think yeah that’s very evening right so okay so the minibar was closed because they asked us for a deposit either to do it by a card or by cash so you decided to go by the cash if you do a deposit by cash they seal the minibar because they say that the minibar value makes it $200 so if you give card the minibar is open for you to use I did not go with the card because I have a prepaid card loaded so the money doesn’t get reversed back really quickly so I offered for a cash all right so but we do have a minibar here and I showed you this place which they have for classes and some kind of icebox right standard place to keep your stuff round that’s the closet you have a safe some space here to keep your shoes something up and your clothes and all and then have a standard kind of a table here for the TV just LCD which is nice not a very premium one some RCA but that’s alright that’s fine.

The other option which we had was I order for a mini fish they were I’m a helpful to give us this to keep us stuff if you want to keep some juice or something some food you can always do that okay and then we have bathroom over the side which is decent size you’ve got a shower cubicle no tub over there standard standard one mirror some shampoos and other toiletries good big sized wash basin and that’s about it yeah that’s the view so that is Street and then you have a view of the pool over there you’re not allowed to open these windows because these are locks they are not to open them and I don’t know what’s the reason for that but it must be because less of cleaning is required all right so guys let’s do one thing now is let me take on a drone and which I kept inside and then I’ll walk you up to the rooftop which has a nice view again and if I’m able to I’ll just take some nice drone shots from up there tada.

Okay so this is not the main deck you have the main deck the rooftop two steps up over there this is just one level down it’s like a sweet spot or like a more private area for somebody who wants to party alone but the rooftop is over there and that’s the view.

We should go further up now I don’t know why they’ve designed it like that something like it’s kind of a secret passage to Baal take the stairs push further down, learning walk yeah okay so this is the rooftop and much better view from up here that this bar to yourself all looking that small River and that is the deck side you do get a view of the river from this side as well and I think that’s fair city area so that is where the downtown should be over there move buildings and then you have a little shade to sit down over here it’s nice and then you have a view of the river very nice but I think the time to come here probably is in the evening when the Sun Goes Down otherwise really Hall right now it’s about 35 degrees Celsius.

Okay so that’s how the view is from up here and now let’s just fly this baby the DJ’s puck and let’s see and get some nice aerial shots from up there let’s do this.I think it’s funny I don’t care what they I don’t have.

Oh one can touch me now I’m just alright guys so this is the end of the vlog and hope you guys enjoy the video so stay tuned for the next villag and let’s keep the good times rolling ciao for now peace out.